3WF will soon be back

An issue with high EGTs led to 3WF getting grounded early January out of an abundance of caution. That phase has transitioned into a wait time for the new engine ordered in mid December. That engine will be installed ASAP, but of course the new winter WX caused more delays. We’re now hoping for completion and return to service later this week.

Please note that the engine needs to be broken in carefully according to manufacturer specifications; only XC flights will be endorsed until the engine is ready for local maneuver training with more frequent RPM changes. Galvin will provide more information.

We are also looking into using the opportunity to add a keyless ignition switch panel:

Ignition switch panel

This ignition switch is approved to replace the outdated and venerable rotary key-switch. By making this change, a couple of things get accomplished:

  • the AD that accompanies most rotary key-switches is eliminated
  • the problem of faulty contacts inside of the key-switch which can cause a hot mag situation is eliminated
  • operation of the magnetos is returned back to the traditional way aircraft engines are supposed to be operated – starting will be as simple as pushing a button; no more fumbling for the keys.

(Down the road the magneto-only ignition system may be upgraded to an electronic one (EIS) with basically the same switch panel, but that’s not decided yet. )

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