Autopilots no longer INOP – yay! - (Archive)

Two resurrection miracles have occurred recently… after 3WF’s last G5/GTN/AP system software update got rid of the GFC500’s PFT (preflight test) error, we also managed to un-squawk 9ES’s KAP140 – the roll oscillation observed in HDG mode no longer occurs.

To keep 9ES’s AP working as expected so that it can help ease your workload, please make sure to not interrupt its PFT after turning on the Avionics Master – successful completion of that self test is identified by all display segments being illuminated (Display Test) and the disconnect tone sounding; page 8 of the Pilot’s Guide provides more information on the PFT.
Should you observe any further unusual oscillation behaviors please verify both elevator and rudder trim conditions before submitting an anomaly.