ForeFlight track logs

ForeFlight offers as of v12.0 a feature “Import G1000 Track Logs to ForeFlight” which involves removing a G1000 SD card and copying the data to ForeFlight – do not do that; removing any avionics SD cards may be done by authorized personnel only.

There is no need to do that anyway – just connect your iPad via Bluetooth (not WiFi!) to the plane’s ADS-B In, and ForeFlight will be able to record your flight track log while providing both traffic and WX information.

ICAO Filing

Flight plans in the US now have to be filed in ICAO format which asks for more aircraft equipment and capability details than the good ol’ FAA flight plan.

To help with setting up your flight plans we have created two pages (find them in the dropdown menu above under > Equipment) which should do the trick for both 3WF and 9ES.

Use those bits and pieces to fill out the aircraft profiles in your EFB.

Soft-field operations

This is a gentle reminder of GFT’s Renter/Student Ops Manual regulation 5.6E, which states “Operations into any field other than paved surfaces (soft, gravel, sand, grass, etc) are prohibited unless prior approval is obtained from the Director of Operations, Chief or Assistant Chief Flight Instructor.

Soft fields can have hidden hazards like potholes or rocks in the grass, gravel causing prop damage, etc., and mud is the last thing you want to get stuck in during landing or trying to get out of on takeoff. These are all unnecessary problems, and therefore all soft-field exercises should be simulated on paved taxiways and runways .

Thank you for your understanding and helping keep our planes in the condition you wish to find them when you want to go fly!