HIWAS being phased out

HIWAS – the hazardous in-flight WX service recordings available on VORs marked with a little inverted H on the sectional – is being phased out by the end of September 2019.

In light of the much richer and more effective WX updates availble with ADS-B In it makes a lot of sense to reallocate the resources necessary to maintain a legacy system fewer and pilots used (if they ever did).

Make use of the ADS-B In WX info streamed via Bluetooth to your EFB in both 3WF and 9ES (WX info is also available in 3WF directly on the GTNs, but not not 9ES’s G1000).

Soft-field operations

You may have seen AOPA’s Passport Challenge, handing out prizes for landing at grass strips – this is a gentle reminder of GFT’s Renter/Student Ops Manual regulation 5.6E, which states “Operations into any field other than paved surfaces (soft, gravel, sand, grass, etc) are prohibited unless prior approval is obtained from the Director of Operations, Chief or Assistant Chief Flight Instructor.

Thank you for helping keep our planes in the condition you wish to find them yourself!