Cross-border travel

Both Skyhawk 513WF and Twin Star 919ES have CBP (US Customs & Border Protection) decals that are needed if/when you cross the border and (hopefully) fly back, and both planes also have N America (i.e. US and Canada) maps and charts on their MFDs.

Pretty much everything you need to know about cross-border travel can be found in this free AOPA brochure.

An app called FlashPass that can help (for about $10 per instance) to make the eAPIS process a bit more comfortable is available on both iOS and Androis, see AOPA’s article on this.

The decal (the big, fat digit refers to the last digit of the calendar year it’s valid for) can be found near the pilot door – outside on our Skyhawk

… and on our Twin Star:

Safe travels – don’t forget your passport! 🙂