Get your SE Commercial certificate in 3WF! - (Archive)

In April 2018, the FAA discontinued the requirement that commercial pilot and flight instructor candidates conduct their single-engine airplane practical test in a complex airplane, and the final rule published June 27 takes that a step further:
Commercial pilot candidates can now use a TAA (technically advanced airplanes) in lieu of, or in combination with, a complex (or turbine-powered) airplane to satisfy the 10 hours of required training in these airplanes – with its G5 PFD(s), GTN 750/650 MFDs and the GFC 500 AP,  N513WF qualifies as TAA for your ASEL Commercial!

Effective August 27, paragraph (j) has been added to §61.129:

(j) Technically advanced airplane. Unless otherwise authorized by the Administrator, a technically advanced airplane must be equipped with an electronically advanced avionics system that includes the following installed components:

(1) An electronic Primary Flight Display (PFD) that includes, at a minimum, an airspeed indicator, turn coordinator, attitude indicator, heading indicator, altimeter, and vertical speed indicator;

(2) An electronic Multifunction Display (MFD) that includes, at a minimum, a moving map using Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation with the aircraft position displayed;

(3) A two axis autopilot integrated with the navigation and heading guidance system; and

(4) The display elements described in paragraphs (j)(1) and (2) of this section must be continuously visible.

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