Sun reflector 1&1 - (Archive)

There appears to be recurring confusion among some pilots about how to handle sun reflectors – here are a few guidelines that should be helpful:

  • We’d like the sun reflector installed on all sunny days to avoid UV & heat damage to cockpit and interior while the aircraft is parked.
    You will also likely appreciate the lack of heat as you open the cockpit on a hot and/or sunny day with the reflector put in place by the previous pilot.
  • In 3WF
    • The silver side is for the outside, the white part is for the inside
    • There are arrows on the inside portion that depict which side is up
    • If you make sure to slide it between window and defroster outlet knobs it will be nice and easy to install
    • When you fly, it is recommended to just fold it halfway and slide it behind the front seats (unless you have back seat passengers of course) for easy post-flight access:
  • In 9ES
    • There are stickers that mark both the inside and which way is up to help avoid confusion
    • These three reflectors are hand-cut (because no commercial version could be found) and are therefore not perfect. However, they do fit pretty well, and can be tucked against the window edges
    • When not in use, these reflectors should be stowed in the area behind the back seats

Thank you for carefully using these provided means to help protect valuable shared aircraft equipment!

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