9ES: Fuel Measuring Device finally here

While the root cause of the roll oscillation that rendered the KAP140 AP INOP has not been identified yet, at least progress was made to resolve the unfortunate fuel measuring device situation, leading to the plane being grounded anytime the other twin was in the air because 9ES’s device was missing – it has finally arrived, and that problem is solved. Yay.

3WF: GTN FPL sequencing issue resolved

A configuration issue led to the GTN750 not receiving Baro Alt information from the G5, which caused certain DPs with altitude-depending waypoints (e.g. CBAIN, NRVNA) to stop the automatic sequencing of the FPL at those WPs.
One effect was a distracting brief flash of a dialog box offering to unsuspend waypoint sequencing, but absolutely no time to read it, yet alone time to press the button.

That issue should now be resolved – please let Galvin know right away if you still experience an issue of that nature.

3WF: G5 HSI – to boot, or not to boot…

The most important point first: Normally you shouldn’t press the G5 On/Off switches at all neither for startup, nor for shutdown (when a 3 second shortcut is offered – the rechargeable G5 backup batteries last four hours each, so the extra 42 seconds really won’t make any difference).

The lower G5 (HSI) has occasionally been observed to not boot upon turning on the master switch. If that happens to you, the simple fix is to press and hold the affected G5’s On/Off switch for about ten seconds – just don’t let go – until it boots up.
That’s the only only situation where the On/Off button of the G5 units should be pressed. A recommended fix by Garmin has been applied on Jan 3 to hopefully keep that boot-up issue from occurring in the first place.