Twin Star MX updates

  • 8US: Upon returning from its current 100hr MX, this plane will have the same the same sun shades as the ones in 9ES!
    • Please note that the press buttons holding the shades in place when not in use have quite a bit of resistance, especially in this new state – be sure to gently pull the shades down near/next to the buttons, as pulling too far away from them might overstress and break the shades.
    • As per customer request, we are also trying to finally restore the adjustable backrest and lumbar functionality of the front seats in 8US (it was broken for the longest time). Whether we will be able to get the parts in time for the upcoming return to service is questionable; if not then it will be deferred and addressed with the next suitable opportunity.
      (9ES does not have front seats with adjustable backrest to begin with.)
  • 9ES: Scheduled to receive Sirius XM WX (and Radio) in early June to match 8US