3WF: New GTN Safety-Enhancing Features

The GTN units in our Cessna now feature new capabilities, including a blue Glide Range Ring and a Best Glide Airport Indicator (blue chevrons) on the moving map as well as a Glide ✔ checkmark on appropriate airports in the NRST Airports list view.

Other new features include the ability to remotely control the radios of the GTN 650 and quicker page navigation with the addition of customizable* dual concentric knob functions – by pushing the inner knob you can now toggle between COMNAVPage; when in Page mode you see a little page menu in the lower right area (similar to the page group menu on e.g. GNS 430 or a G1000, except on the GTNs it’s only pages); the inner knob will zoom on a page and have no immediate effect on non-map pages like FPL or NRST.

* Please do not change the default order of the new knob page shortcuts

Click here to learn more about these new GTN features on 3WF

The links to the updated GTN software documentation (Pilot’s Guide and AFMS) have also been updated.