Twin Star | Modifications

Like all pages on this website, any and all information provided is for informational purposes only. If there are any conflicts with the AFM (POH) of a specific aircraft, the latter is the authoritative source.

Diamond’s MÄMs and OÄMs (Mandatory and Optional modifications) are not always as clearly defined and transparent as they appear to be.
The below table is based on the one found in Section 1.1 which points out that the equipment and modification level (design details) of an airplane may vary from serial number to serial number.
A more detailed/complete equipment list for a given serial number is recorded in Section 6.5 (Mass & Balance | Equipment List & Inventory).

Some items are marked with * asterisks; see bottom section for clarifying details on those.

The items for N972RD need another verification.

Use of Diesel FuelMÄM 42-037
Increased Take-Off MassMÄM 42-088 *
New Engine Instrument MarkingsMÄM 42-101
Autopilot Static SourceMÄM 42-186 **
TAE 125-02-99 EngineMÄM 42-198
ECU Backup BatteryMÄM 42-240
Firmware 2.7,
Mapping O28V273DA42
MÄM 42-284
Firmware 2.91,
Mapping O28V291DA42
MÄM 42-304
ECU Firmware TAE-125 m2.91,
ECU Mapping R28V291DIA
MÄM 42-310
Firmware 2.91,
Mapping O28V294DA42
MÄM 42-529
Ice protection System OÄM 42-053 ***
Ice Protection System (Known Icing)
Refer to DA 42 AFM Supplement S03
OÄM 42-054 ***
Oxygen SystemOÄM 42-055
Auxiliary Fuel TanksOÄM 42-056
Front Seats with Adjustable
OÄM 42-067 ****
Electrical Rudder Pedal
OÄM 42-070
Mission Power Supply SystemOÄM 42-074/a
Removable Fuselage Nose ConeOÄM 42-077
Operator Desk
(Full CFRP Version)
OÄM 42-111
Operator Desk (CFRP Version
with Aluminum Joint)
OÄM 42-111/a
Garmin GWX 68 Weather RadarOÄM 42-119
ECU Backup BatteryOÄM 42-129
Exhaust End PipeOÄM 42-130
DA 42 M – IFROÄM 42-141 *****
Operator Desk
(Full Aluminum Version)
OÄM 42-158
Increase of Maximum
Zero Fuel Mass
OÄM 42-188
Maximum Landing Mass 1785 kgOÄM 42-195
Emergency AxeOÄM 42-205
TAE 125-02-114 EngineOÄM 42-252/b
Front Seats with Adjustable
Backrest – Hydrolok
OÄM 42-259
Emergency Egress HammerOÄM 40-304
* This is one of the two options you see when setting up a W&B profile in Foreflight for either DA42 – both options are to be checked:
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-5.png

** What that means is that there is a dedicated static port/line for the AP on the left side of the fuselage. Earlier models had the AP share the static line with the pitot-static instruments.

*** 42-053 vs 42-054: Quote from a Diamond response:
“The difference between the two is simply what country the aircraft is being operated in. In the USA, the DA 42 is approved for Flight into Known Ice (FIKI), there the AFM supplement required is SO3, […] The installed systems are identical. It’s only the operational approvals which are different.”

**** 42-067: Backrest and lumbar support adjustment levers work on front L seat but not currently front R

***** 42-141: N/A (IFR with “Special Mission” / military variations of DA42s).
All our twins are IFR-certified airplanes.
As long as the IFR-related required equipment described in FAR 91.205(b) (“GRABCARDD”) and section 2.13 KINDS OF OPERATIONS in the AFM (POH) is operational you can enjoy flying IFR in these airplanes.