Twin Star | Features

A high-level comparison of some features between 9ES and 8US:

FIKI (Flight into known icing) with TKS
WAAS GPS necessary for LPLPV, LNAV/VNAV, LNAV+V approaches
LNAV approaches
Auxiliary Fuel Tanks for 50% more range on long XC flights *
YD (Yaw Damper)
FD (Flight Director)
FLC (IAS) mode (flight level change at specific indicated airspeed instead of FPM)
VNV (Vertical Navigation)
CWS (Control Wheel Steering: temporary AP override button on pilot stick)
GA (Go-Around) Button
SVT (Synthetic Vision Technology)
ADS-B In (on MFD** and via Bluetooth***)
TAS (Traffic Advisory System)
SiriusXM NEXRAD WX + XM Radio
IFR Charts (FAA | US & Canada) on MFD
Flight ID customizable for Public Benefit Flying or other custom call signs
Reclining front seats
Sheepskin seat covers
USB Chargers
• front seats (in lower side panels / knee area)
• back seats

Sun visors
Electric pedal adjustment
* Advanced feature – keys only available upon request during aircraft checkout. Demonstrated familiarity with fuel transfer process, impact on W&B and inflight fuel imbalance restrictions required!
** Traffic (TIS-B)
*** TIS-B, FIS-B and AHRS

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For a deep dive into the DA42 it is recommended to take a look at the AAM (MX Manual).