Headset Info

Some headsets may have issues with the audio system in 3WF.
As far as we can tell, the issues revolve around lack of automatic stereo support in certain headsets (while some older mono headsets have no problem at all).
If your headset as expected in WF, the recommended action is to set the affected headset to Stereo via a dip switch you may not even know your headset has 🙂

The problematic headsets we are aware of:

  • If you have a Lightspeed Zulu 3 headset and experience issues with the mic bias feature – after ~5-10 seconds the headset cuts out after working fine (both speaking and hearing) – the way to resolve it is to set the Stereo/Mono DIP switch inside the headset controller into the ST (i.e. OFF) position (kudos to Bruce Nourish for this tip!)

  • If you have an older Bose headset, also set it to Stereo, and see if that fixes the problem of audio stopping to work after a few seconds. Thank you Britta Shangraw for reporting that issue!

One potentially contributing factor we are still trying to figure out is to what extent the 3D Audio feature in WF may play a role – it enables listening to COM1 on the left ear and COM2 simultaneously on the right ear, which can come in helpful in situations where e.g. the pilot listens to ATC and monitors ATIS). That feature obviously requires a stereo headset to work.
Turning off the 3D Audio feature on the GTN750 software Audio Panel may do the trick if you experience the problem but want to keep your headset in Mono configuration for broader compatibility with older audio systems on other aircraft.

If you experience an audio problem in a headset not mentioned on this page please do let us know with all the details. Thank you!