Post Flight Checklist

This is the generic post flight checklist for all aircraft:

  • Turn off the aircraft master switch & map lights
  • Record BOTH the Hobbs and Tach (In Service) times in the dispatch book and on the dispatch printout
  • Remove trash and any other articles you brought with you (we do not need wads of paper towels in A/C)
  • Replace stall warning, pitot cover and control lock properly
  • Tie the aircraft down securely (if you can’t for any reason, request assistance from flight school staff)
  • Lock the aircraft (all doors including baggage compartment(s))
  • Notify flight school dispatcher of any excessive tire pressure loss or other abnormal tire condition
  • Note any changes (and inform flight school staff) in airframe or equipment during the post-flight walk around/inspection. This includes cosmetic damage that you will need to have checked to verify there is no associated structural/mechanical damage. Pay special attention to areas such as the tail skid, prop and landing gear which are at risk in normal flight operations.
  • Write up aircraft discrepancies or squawks if needed and let the dispatcher (or whoever checks you back in) know about them.

Complete these items before aircraft check-in.