XM WX & Radio

Our TwinStars come with both an activated SiriusXM satellite aviation weather and radio package, providing features to the pilots that are especially useful on longer X/C flights.

(If you wonder why ADS-B In WX data from the GTX345R isn’t displayed on the MFD, it’s because of nothing but an annoying certification technicality – XM WX bridges that gap for us by giving you a dedicated Weather Data Link map page and NEXRAD on the moving map. The radio portion is the low-hanging fruit next to the WX aspects.)

Note that the ADS-B In portion via Bluetooth (look for the plane’s N-Number) exists in parallel to the SiriusXM features on the G1000.


  • In-flight WX features have several advantages compared to the features provided by ADS-B In WX (FIS-B) due to better availability (as there is no dependency on ground stations; in fact XM WX is available on the ground before you even taxi), faster updates, and more weather products are available on the G1000 MFD and PFD inset map.

    High-level comparison of XM WX and ADS-B In (from the perspective of Sirius)

The XMWX Aviator package features available on the G1000 are:

High Resolution NEXRAD RadarU.S.
High Resolution RadarCanada
Radar CoverageU.S. and Canada
Precipitation Type (at surface)U.S.
City ForecastsU.S.
METARsU.S. and Canada
TAFsU.S. and Canada
County WarningsU.S.
Canadian Weather WarningsCanada
Winds AloftU.S. and Canada
Lightning – Cloud-to-Cloud & Cloud-to-GroundU.S.
AIRMETsU.S. and Canada
SIGMETsU.S. and Canada
Echo TopsU.S.
Freezing LevelU.S. and Canada
Severe Weather Storm TracksU.S.
Surface AnalysisU.S. and Canada
Satellite MosaicU.S. and Canada
AIREPsU.S. and Canada
PIREPsU.S. and Canada
SPC Aviation Weather WatchesU.S.

Pages 275-304 (PDF pages 289-318) of the G1000 Pilot’s Guide will provide all details about the XM weather features.

SiriusXM Radio & Entertainment

  • The in-flight XM Select satellite radio offers a lot of stations via the MFD (AUX > XM Satellite > RADIO SK) for plenty of music, fun and information. The radio sounds fabulous on an ANR stereo headset, and XM contents gets automatically faded out – and back in – just in time for all communication. Nothing beats relaxing tunes on a long XC!

Pages 466-468 (PDF pages 480-482) of the G1000 Pilot’s Guide will provide detailed instructions on using the radio if there are any questions.

In 8US, two switches below the headset plugs can also control the XM Radio (in addition to the softkeys on the MFD Aux page; 9ES does not have these “shortcut” switches.)

As for your in-flight entertainment options – click here to download the SiriusXM Channel Lineup (PDF) to see the menu of music, news, talk, sports and comedy channels.

Not all of the channels in the Channel Lineup guide may be available; the MFD will let you know what is available and what isn’t.