N919ES | Cockpit

Please note: All documentation linked to on this website is being superseded by documentation and instruction provided at the FBO.

  • Highlights

    • TAA (Technically Advanced Airplane) due to available PFD/MFD/AP equipment as per FAR §61.129(j)
    • FADEC (Full-Authority Digital Engine Controls)
    • Auxiliary Fuel Tanks* for 50% more range on long XC flights
      • * Not normally in use. Use requires familiarity with corresponding limitations and procedures. Tank keys available upon specific request only. 
    • TKS Ice Protection System for FIKI (flight into known icing)
    • G1000 (Non-WAAS)
      • IFR charts (US/Canada)
      • Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT)
      • Baro Minimums altimeter bug for DA/MDA
      • Customizable Flight ID for Public Benefit Flying purposes
    • ADS-B
      • Out (1090ES) for automated WAAS GPS position transmission
      • In (Dual band: 1090ES / 978UAT) for receiving
        • TIS-B: Traffic and
        • FIS-B*: WX (Nexrad, Winds Aloft, METARs, TAFs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, PIREPs), NOTAMs, TFRs, SUAs
        • Bluetooth streaming of TIS-B, FIS-B and AHRS to your EFB
    • SiriusXM Weather & Radio via satellite
    • KAP 140 Autopilot with Altitude Preselect
    • USB chargers (two on the pilot side, two on the co-pilot side), strong enough to charge EFBs or other devices
    • Sun visors


Synthetic Vision

Synthetic Vision example on G1000 PFD

The ADS-B In stream of FIS-B/TIS-B via Bluetooth is available after turning on the Avionics Master; look for the N919ES Bluetooth network and connect to it from your EFB.


– Use of polarized eyewear may cause glass cockpit displays to appear dim or blank – using non-polarized sunglasses is recommended

– Do not remove any of the SD cards from the devices, these cards are critical for proper operation and to be serviced by authorized personnel only!

Pilot’s Guide | Cockpit Reference Guide

AFM SupplementPilot’s Guide

  • TKS Ice Protection

AFM Supplement

  • Other
    • smartPower 250 Dual 2.7A backlit USB power supplies are available in the upper area of each of the front seat side panels:
      Pilot: USB power near the alternate static valve | Co-pilot: USB power near the two FADEC diagnostic cables


      Note: The USB ports are only active when the avionics master is on (the engines should normally be running at that point)

  • Emergency Locator Transmitter
    • The original ARTEX ELT C406-1) had an issue in late Oct 2020 and was replaced by an ARTEX ELT 345 (the same model as in 3WF). It is located in the empennage behind the back seats on the pilot side.