Aircraft noise - (Archive)

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The pilots and flight instructors operating our aircraft make every effort to generally fly as high as circumstances (weather, airspace, rules and regulations, traffic, ATC instructions) allow – it’s in their own interest to maximize emergency glide distance and minimize noise impact while meeting learning objectives.
Practically all flight schools in the US use practice areas that are designed to minimize the impact on neighborhoods from flight training, and our planes are no exception.
On occasion you may feel that a noise coming from an aircraft is momentarily disturbing – we fully understand that, but would like to point out that flight training is carried out within a lot of constraints, and oftentimes has professional objectives that we all benefit from down the road when we need to travel by air and expect thoroughly trained pilots in the cockpits. Motorcycles and “sport”-tuned cars can oftentimes be substantially louder than an aircraft several thousand feet away.

If you feel disturbed by recurring aircraft noise in your area you can always bring that to the attention of your community leaders/authorities to help find satisfying long-term solutions.
If you have a specific complaint about the noise coming from an aircraft of ours please do let us know the details (exact location and day/time as well as the observed N-number will obviously need to be included), and we’ll to look into it. If the aircraft has indeed been operated outside of existing rules and regulations you can rest assured that we’ll have a discussion with the pilot in command to understand what happened and why, and to make sure it won’t happen again.

Thank you !