Twin Star oil - (Archive)

This content has been archived; it may no longer be relevant.

Since on longer / multi-day XC flights you may need to add oil away from BFI and the required AeroShell Ultra Diesel oil is not exactly ubiquitously available, both of our Twin Stars now have a dedicated plastic box in the left nose baggage compartment containing an oil funnel as well as a full quart of that oil. If you find no such oil bottle in the box – or you’re using the one in the box up at BFI during pre-flight – please grab a replacement bottle from the oil room, making sure to mention it on the aircraft check-in page of the plane’s tablet.
(Please note that there is a second funnel of the same type in the right nose baggage compartment – that one is to be used for TKS only!)

One quick note on oil measuring on the twins – you always want to clean the stick with a one-way paper towel sheet before dipping it again for the actual measuring; otherwise you will likely see more oil on the stick than is actually in the engine.
As soon as the levels are below half it’s a good idea to add a half gallon (not more though, please be careful to not overfill!) Typically you split one bottle between the two engines half/half or as needed.
Also, we recommend to make use of the provided step stool (nose compartment); it makes the oil check and especially the refill process easier and helps avoid making a mess.

The chocks and tie-downs have been moved from the nose to the storage compartment behind the rear passenger seats.