Twin Star avionics – March update

  • 9ES: Adding Sirius XM for WX data link map / NEXRAD display on the MFD and satellite radio stations for relaxing tunes (that get automatically interrupted for all things ATC) is now scheduled to be completed by mid June (8US already has these features)
  • Both twins: Upgrading the G1000’s GPS units to WAAS in order to enable RNAV(GPS) approaches that require WAAS (like LPV, LNAV/VNAVLNAV+V, LP) was predicted for Q1 of 2021
    • This upgrade will need to wait as Diamond says it’s likely not ready before Q3 or even Q4 due to Covid-related approval process delays and availability of the needed hardware
    • 9ES is higher on that wait list than 8US

We will keep you updated on all of the above.