3WF Status Update

After a forced landing event a couple of weeks ago, 3WF is still waiting for critical inspections and decisions on the future of that plane. In any case, we’re likely looking at several more weeks at least, if not months before it can go back into service. As soon as there are more reliable insights and developments we will announce them here – thank you for your patience and understanding.

On a related note, when flying – especially in single engine aircraft – it is always a good idea to know how to make instant use of the NRST function on the MFD (and/or your EFB, if you have one) – remember private airports are perfectly acceptable options in an emergency, and can help save the day; there are lots of those in our region.
In addition to that, the GTN in 3WF can show a glide ring (just like the one available in Foreflight) that factors in current altitude and terrain to quickly identify the best direction (the “B” in the emergency ABC) to a good landing option as you keep best glide speed and start applying cockpit flow checks / emergency checklist.