MX Updates

The new engines for N238US are on their way and should hopefully get installed during the second week of January, with an anticipated return to service soon after.

Skyhawk 3WF will come back (current ETA is now only early April due to accumulated delays) with an exciting all-digital cockpit panel upgrade – basically all remaining original instruments will be removed, and you can look forward to a dual G3X Touch system with Synthetic Vision for enhanced situational awareness at night or in poor visibility as well as integrated engine instruments, angle-of-attack indicator and a connection to the already existing CO detector with cabin pressure warning at high altitude to remind the pilot to think about oxygen aspects.

You will also find a new button in 3WF’s cockpit that will provide a shortcut to the already existing Smart Glide feature of the GTNs, assisting with both best glide speed and immediate identification of best emergency landing options at the push of a button: