DA42 Fuel & Oil

As a gentle reminder,

  • Fuel: If an FBO asks you if you want Jet-A Negative or – the slightly more expensive – Positive, you should always ask for Jet-A Negative.
    • Positive means that anti-freeze is added to to the fuel, which is unnecessary in a light twin unless you fly at -40°C or even colder flight levels – which is extremely unlikely, even in the deepest winter
    • At some FBOs only pre-mixed positive is available – in those situations, if you do need fuel then of course that is what you can order
  • Oil: When you measure oil, before the necessary second oil dip for the reading you must screw the oil dip all the way back in (and of course wipe the dip stick!)
    • Yes, it’ll cost you valuable milliseconds – but you will get a correct reading. Not screwing it back in will show too low an oil level, which typically results in subsequently overfilling the oil tank, which is not economical and can easily lead to unnecessary MX to figure out where oil drippings are coming from
    • If you end up adding oil from a bottle you found in the nose compartment, please note that that bottle is already paid for, and don’t log it again as ‘Oil used’ in the post-flight form (as that will assume you grabbed a bottle from the oil room).

Thank you very much for your continued business!