3WF v3.0 – the work horse is back!! - (Archive)

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Skyhawk 3WF has been repaired, received a fresh Annual MX, got re-painted and re-striped, and received an exciting cockpit panel upgrade.

You won’t be able to book it just yet, as even the CFIs still need to experience and understand the new panel – but by the end of August you may be able to fly it again!

– Paint job by SunQuest Air Specialties (PAE)
– Vinyl striping, decals and external placards by AeroGraphics

It features an exciting fully integrated glass cockpit designed and installed by Ace Aviation (RNT) – all analog flight instruments and individual digital engine instruments have been removed, and you can look forward to a dual (10.7″ / 7″) G3X Touch PFD/MFD with flight instruments that can be displayed as both standard EFIS or round gauges, Synthetic Vision for enhanced situational awareness at night or in poor visibility, integrated engine instruments with mixture lean assist, the existing dual GTN Xi / GFC 500 AP stack, a new AOA (angle-of-attack) indicator (learn more about AOA), and integrated CO and cabin pressure warning.

The required standby EFIS will be provided by a G5 to the left of the PFD

You will also find a new button in the top center of 3WF’s cockpit that will provide a shortcut to the already existing Smart Glide feature of the GTNs, assisting with both best glide speed and immediate identification of best emergency landing options at the push of a button:

Also new in 3WF

USB charging ports have been placed on both sides of the cockpit – no more dangling cables near in the center.

Now it’s up to you to start familiarizing yourself with the G3X Touch – click here to download the Pilot’s Guide to your EFB and check it out!
That product guide, as well as all other ones and the POH/AFMS documents can also always be found in the menu at the top.