3WF: AP fixed and operational again - (Archive)

This content has been archived; it may no longer be relevant.

UPDATE: The software fix Garmin finally published has been applied, and the AP is available again. Yay!

If you’ve flown 3WF lately you will without a doubt have noticed that the AP is currently disabled. The reason is a service bulletin issued by Garmin that suggests disabling the pitch trim servo until a GFC500 software update has been released that addresses observed runaway trim conditions (not in 3WF, but we will will have to comply with the SB).

GMC 507 – the controller of the GFC 500 AP system

The main reason the entire AP has been disabled and not just the trim servo is that the resulting partial AP functionality could be more confusing than helpful.

Note that ESP is currently unavailable until the fix is in because that feature depends on the AP.

Garmin announced that they intend to fix the issue before the end of 2022, which has not happened – we’re still waiting, and will make the AP available again as soon as the fix is available.