Goodbye N919ES - (Archive)

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This beautiful bird has been sold and just had it final flight under Meow Meow ownership from Seattle to Tracy, CA (where the extended range aux tanks came in very handy – allowing for those 600 nm to be flown nonstop, and still arrive with half full main tanks).
From Tracy she will eventually be transferred to a flight school in Jodhpur, India.

9ES came to BFI with a ferry flight from London, Ontario (1,750 nm) in May 2018, and was used for many local ME training flights and checkrides, as well as numerous Angel Flights in the PNW and long XC flights to places as far away as San Diego, CA (900 nm), Muskegon, MI (1,500 nm), and Estancia, NM (1,000 nm).

N919ES will be missed, but we’re happy to see her provide many more hours of flight training under new ownership and registration!